Care at Destiny Chiropractic meant that Jane, a prominent member of her local Rambling group, was able to carry her heavy rucksack without pain again: just in time for her to take part in [insert event details]

Jane’s primary reasons for joining the Destiny Chiropractic community were; to keep her husband happy, to get rid of her pain and to be able to comfortably carry her Rambling rucksack again. In fact, Jane’s husband who is also a member of our community, had been trying to persuade Jane to join us for a while. It wasn’t until an unexpected meet outside the local swimming pool meant that Destiny got a look at Jane’s posture and made some recommendations to her husband that she decided to give chiropractic care a try.

Whilst Jane was experiencing neck pain due to poor posture, she also lives with a long term health condition which required some modifications to her care plan. We all agreed that chiropractic would help with her overall lifestyle, even if it didn’t have a huge impact on her existing health issue.

Jane is a keen Rambler and regularly carries heavy rucksacks; something she can now do without experiencing pain. She reports having more energy, feeling better in herself and having lost some weight.

Please note: Our Client Stories are all based on real Case Studies but the identities of the individuals have been changed in order to maintain their privacy.

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