Visits to Destiny Chiropractic empowered Kirsty to do her job more effectively, go on holiday and live with more freedom.

Kirsty works for a large supermarket and prior to coming in for Chiropractic care, she had to take a lot of time off work due to pain largely associated with plantar fasciitis. Kirsty was struggling with daily tasks and sleeping poorly.

It was her plantar fasciitis that brought Kirsty to Destiny Chiropractic but after detailed consultation and postural assessment we came to the realisation that it was her poor posture that was creating problems in her feet and lower back. We agreed, rather than directly focusing on her back, to work together on realigning her posture so that her bodily systems could better communicate. This way her central nervous system could support her body in healing itself.

Kirsty had to invest a little more time than most in her recovery (generally anyone over 40 takes around 3 months) and we worked together to overcome a few setbacks. Like so many of our community, Kirsty got back to work quickly and resumed business-as-usual in between her care and found this to be unsustainable during her healing journey. We supported Kirsty in adapting her work duties and managing expectations during her recovery.

After 9 months of care at Destiny Chiropractic, Kirsty is now able to comfortably complete those daily tasks that were formerly a struggle for her and is sleeping much better; despite her shift work.

Please note: Our Client Stories are all based on real Case Studies but the identities of the individuals have been changed in order to maintain their privacy.

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