Ian returned to the fold after a break from Chiropractic care and now describes himself as being more resilient to life’s daily stresses as well as having more movement and functionality.

Back in the days before Destiny Chiropractic, we operated in a much more conventional pain relief mode. That was when Ian was first a patient. Having had a break for a while, he came back to the new and improved vitalistic focused Destiny Chiropractic when his neck, shoulder and lower back returned with a vengeance.

Like many members of our community, long days sitting for work and his high-pressured role at a humanistic charity left Ian feeling exhausted and somewhat broken. Ian felt that he needed a more permanent solution to his bodily dysfunction and came back to us because he trusted the care he had formerly had with Destiny and resonated strongly with the vitalistic approach. In fact, having had a major health issue and life upheaval in between his care, the focus on getting to the root of the issue and treating all his systems had even greater relevance.

Ian’s care is currently ongoing, but we have found that his pain levels have been reduced and we’re optimistic that he will continue to feel better and better in himself.

Please note: Our Client Stories are all based on real Case Studies but the identities of the individuals have been changed in order to maintain their privacy.

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